Borlotti Bean Soup & Scallops

When I started using Vitamix power blender I didn’t think it would revolutionize my cooking method. Usually I’m not looking for shortcuts, I’m not bored to spend hours in the kitchen, to dirty half of my pans (using them all in one day would be really impossible ;-)) or my tools, even to repeat twice the same preparation in just one afternoon because it didn’t come off that way, or at least as I hoped, it has happened. If the recipe is hard, I have fun. Always I’m looking for the best possible result. So I must admit my scepticism when, reading the instructions of the blender, I found myself in front of the possibility of making a velvety soup only using a can of beans and some ladles of vegetable broth. No cooking, because the blades cooks by his own power. So I decided to prepare a Borlotti Bean Soup & Scallops.

Serves 3:

300 gr beans already boiled (if you use canned beans, drain and rinse)

Some ladle of vegetable broth


extra virgin olive oil

9-10 scallops

First, rinse the scallops and cut them. Introduce the Borlotti beans into the power blender, cover them with vegetable broth getting over 1.5 cm, add some salt. Blend it at the minimum speed and increase to the maximum, then let it run for 5 and a half minutes. In a pan heat a tablespoon of evo oil then cook the scallops for a few minutes salting. After 5 minutes and half, the mixture into the blender become smoothie and velvety, removing the lid some steam comes out. The Borlotti Bean Soup & Scallops is ready. I must admit that, with no other method, I never obtained a smoothie and velvety soup like this one.

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