Dolce Mattone

Dolce Mattone is one of the simplest desserts, in fact it is the first one Emilian girls learn to prepare, when, during the high school years, it happens that their parents leave and the house is clear for the weekend, so they host funny dinners with schoolmates. Occasionally you can find Dolce Mattone in the menu of some country restaurant, especially near Reggio Emilia and Modena.

Serves 8:

24 Oro Saiwa biscuits, you can buy them in Italian grocery stores

150 ml coffee

12 big eggs

125 gr unsalted butter

10 spoons sugar

3 tablespoons bitter cocoa powder (about 30 gr)

Prepare coffee and let it cool down, do not sweeten. Someone add one or two tablespoons Sassolino, an anise flavored liquor typical of Sassuolo (near Modena). Boil eggs for 8 minutes, we only use the yolks that must be still soft and warm. Put in the Vitamix container first the yolks (still lukewarm) then sugar. Blend for a few seconds at speed 4 by helping with the tamper, then add butter at room temperature. Always with the tamper at speed 4 work the ingredients until smooth and creamy custard. It should be a minute. Remove 5 tablespoons of  this custard and put in the fridge for 5 minutes. Now add cocoa powder in the container and incorporate it well by blending for a few seconds. Put also this one in the fridge for a few minutes, it should not become too thik, or it will be difficult to spread it on the biscuits. Dunk 8 biscuits into coffee and place them in a serving dish next to each other in two rows of 4. Spread chocolate custard over them, then cover with other 8 cookies soaked in coffee and spread yellow custard. Finish to assemble the dessert by covering with the remaining 8 cookies soaked in coffee. Let your Dolce Mattone rest in the fridge for few hours before serving, it’s better the second day.



2 thoughts on “Dolce Mattone

  1. Ciao! 🙂 La crema al burro la faccio senza bollire le uova (tuorlo+zucchero e li monto bene e infine il burro a temperatura ambiente), non so quale sia l’originale mala tua versione è da provare

    1. Ciao Giorgia! Secondo me essendo una ricetta “popolare” ognuno ha il suo metodo e non credo ci siano grandi differenze di sapore… prova la mia ricetta e poi fammi sapere! Io proverò la tua!!

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