Rosso Rubino 2017: the Launch

“A trip to the Sorbara Land”: this is Rosso Rubino 2017, an initiative – already successful in previous editions – that enhances the sparkling and overwhelming bubbles of ‘Bassa Modenese’, the north of Modenese territory. Seven stages and seven Cellars: Cantina di Carpi and Sorbara (25/05), Paltrinieri (1/06), Righi and Francesco Bellei (8/06), Cantina della Volta (15/06), Bellei Aurelio (20/06), Garuti (27/06), Divinja (29/06). The launch took place at Monari and Federzoni’s Acetaia (vinegar factory) on May 9th in Solara. “Sorbara lambrusco cocktails” was the theme of the evening. Numerous authorities took part in the event: the Mayor of Bomporto Alberto Borghi, the Regional Councilor for Production Activities Palma Costi, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of San Marino, the Mayor of Bastiglia Francesca Silvestri. They were the lambrusco cocktails competition judges among bartenders. The chefs of “Chef to Chef” Association, orchestrated by chef Rino Duca, cooked some dishes combined with lambrusco wine.


Words and images by Filippo Pederzini

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