Effortless Zabaione

  Back home after holidays is always hard for everyone. We need to cheer us up … During my experiments with Vitamix power blender I decided to try a classic recipe, I don’t prepare so often, because it’s so strenous to spend 15 minutes to whip the eggs. There is a restaurant where you can […]

My Pasta alla Norma

Before I started cooking this dish I asked a Sicilian boy if it was correct to use spaghetti with the Norma sauce. I was terrified of falling into one of those serious mistakes of those made by people who possess a superficial knowledge of the subject, such as famous “Spaghetti Bolognese” that exist only out […]

Pesto di Avocado e Rucola

Questo Pesto di Avocado e Rucola è un gustoso condimento vegano per la vostra pasta, specialmente in queste calde giornate estive in cui si sente il desiderio di mangiare alimenti leggeri e freschi. L’amarognolo della rucola è ammorbidito dal basilico e dalla frutta secca, mentre l’avocado lo rende super cremoso! È velocissimo da preparare e […]

Il Pasticciotto Leccese

Se almeno una volta avete trascorso le vostre vacanze in Salento, avrete sicuramente mangiato un Pasticciotto Leccese. Spero che sia così, perchè diversamente la vostra vacanza non può dirsi completa. Il Pasticciotto in Salento è l’essenza della colazione, è un dogma. Se mangi un Pasticciotto a colazione puoi raggiungere la spiaggia a piedi, arrampicarti senza […]

One Smoothie for Breakfast

Now it’s summer and hot and it’s better to have breakfast with something fresh, moreover fruits are delicious in this period! This week I have replaced my morning porridge (yes, I eat and love it) with a smoothie. If you don’t know, Smoothie il like a milkshake with fruits and/or vegetables, in which you add […]

Vegan Peanut Ice Cream

It was really hot in the last few days in Italy. The weatherman says this is the warmer month of June of the last 150 years. So, to find some relief, what’s better than a good ice cream? The recipe for the Vegan Peanut Ice Cream doesn’t require any cooking, is very simple and the […]