Tradition and modernity at Villa di Corlo

There are days when being a food blogger seems to me to be the most exciting job in the world. It happens when I came home after visiting a company, I cook, I sit at the dinner table, I eat drinking a good glass of wine and I tell to my family about my day. I’m very excited to describewhat I saw. Telling, in addition to cooking, is my job, either verbally or through my blog, I love to share the feelings I feel. Perhaps it might appear too much to talk about emotions when you visit a winery, but this is me, I let myself be carried by emotions, I’m a romantic girl. I recently had the fortune to be invited by Villa di Corlo farm in Baggiovara (MO) the producer of the award-winning Grasparossa DOC Lambrusco Corleto and other different labels which are getting several citations also on international scale: in addition to Gasparossa Corleto and Villa di Corlo , I could appreciate Primevo, a Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes wine, some sparkling as Fraeli, a classic Chardonnay method and Rosanto, only obtained from Grasparossa which gives it a nice pink color … all wines produced in a modern and tidy cellar, you can immediately recognize the female typical attention to detail.

In fact, the Company is headed by a woman, Maria Antonietta Munari, a businesswoman with a strong character and clear ideas on how bunches need to be treated and handled throughout their journey, with the necessary attention to ensure that the quality of produced wine is always higher level. A few years ago, the Company decided to invest in a photovoltaic plant that allowed them to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, this is a positive example for the comunity. While I visiting the cellar, workers are setting up for an incoming wedding feast. It looks like a wonderful and unusual location for a fancy dinner party. Now comes the surprise: they accompany me in an amazing acetaia in the attic of the old mansion, where the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is obtained and aged, after wich will be bottled by Consorzio dell’Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena, in the famous bottles drawn By Giugiaro. Even in these rooms, I immediately recognized the feminine touch, a suggestive corner seems to come out of fairy tale: an old ceramic basin, red vichy curtains, some glass instruments hanging on the wall. A lot of batteries from different wood barrels are settled tidy in many rooms, all are arranged in order as soldiers, from the largest to the smallest (as tradition and to facilitate the transfer and ripping), each battery has a name written on wooden plate: the names of Mrs. Munari’s family women.

As I drive home, I reflect on the afternoon just spent, I feel a sense of pride to see a woman in charge of a wine cellar, a typical male job, she has managed to reach such a high level of quality in a winery that is modern and respectful about tradition at the same time.


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