Everyone calls it Lambrusco



For us, natives from Modena, Lambrusco is not just a wine, it is our history, our tradition, our territory. Lambrusco is, for a Modenese, family, memories, emotions. Lambrusco is not just one wine, but lots of different wines. Lambrusco is a kaleidoscope of perfumes and flavors. All this is enclosed in “Everyone calls it Lambrusco”, a book about wine where there is little talk of wine, but a lot of people who produce it. Because Lambrusco is made of people, each one is able to transfer their feelings inside the bottle. Camillo Favaro taked a trip with three friends, Giulio Loi, Filippo Marchi and Antonio Previdi, for three years among the wineries of Modenese territory. He has been able to tell the stories of these people, who live Lambrusco every day, and highlight the various facets of their being winegrowers, as guardians of the past and the territory, but always with an open eye to the future. The beautiful black and white pictures by Maurizio Gjivovich describe perfectly Lambrusco’s daily life, they are powerful, emotional. Last night, at the book launch, we liked a bit of family, we were so many to celebrate our wine, all enthusiastic and awaiting to hold in the hands the handsome book, which talk in fact not just about wine, but about the story of all of us.



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