An Afternoon spent at Podere il Saliceto

It has been over a month since I was invited to taste the various types of Lambrusco produced by Podere il Saliceto, a small and young wine cellar in Campogalliano, Modena. I didn’t want to write immediately, because I hadn’t yet matured the right words matching the emotions I felt. So, in my opinion, the best thing to do, was to wait for the most prolific moment, when the thoughts would mature. And today is the day.

The wine cellar is located along the quiet road leading to the ponds, surrounded by fruit trees and tidy vines, out of time and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If I take a look around me, I can see only countryside and trees, the silence is deafening. The afternoon, when I visited the Cellar, was cloudy and rainy, the typical spring weather that gives some atmosphere and makes our countryside more beautiful. I notice immediately, in opposition of the grey sky, a light shining in the eyes of Gian Paolo, and it’s the look of who loves their work and does it every day with passion. Gian Paolo and his brother-in-law Marcello are the proud owners of Podere il Saliceto. I really like to see people who have realized their dreams and takes care about it tireless, with the enthusiasm of a children and with the same care the parents have for their children. I got the impression that wine was produced not fore the sale but for themselves, with a certain selfishness, like the real profits is to create the perfect wine. They make every effort to reach the result: the vineyards are net, tidy, every operation is strictly hand-made, the grapes caressed and observed with love. And the bunches are paying back that care. After a walk trough the Vineyard, where Gian Paolo sshow me the different varieties of grapes and he tells me his story, we arrive into the cellar, a small and cozy room, wich becomes a theater, the old wooden table in the center is the stage, where the wines are the players. He opens one bottle after theother, he explains to me the character of eachone, without revealing all the scents and the flavors, my senses must find and understand… It’s a fascinating exercise and I would never tire of seeing the glasses flow in front of me, full of colored and delicious nectar, at the same time the beautiful labels, simple, contemporary, elegant. I don’t know if I’m more intoxicated by alcohol or by enthusiasm, I have to admit that these wines are of one-up each other, first of all Ring Adora, a Lambrusco di Sorbara in purity, Classic Method Sparkling Wine, welcoming you with forest strawberry and greet you with the sapidity of the sea. Then Malbolle, another Classical Method Sparkling wine, but this one obtained from Malbo gentile grapes in purity, with the beautiful copper color and the pink pepper and orange fragrance, perfect to drink during summertime, great with seafood. Then, Albone, a Lambrusco di Modena obtained by Salamino grapes, Charmat Method, dark and dry, someone suggests that he married perfectly with gnocco fritto. I need to try it. I am taken by the work of these two guys. Now I’m a Saliceto-addict.

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